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In this article I will tell you if you can lose weight on an Elliptical. If you implement what you learn today, your kilos will drop. You don’t believe me? Maybe you have tried it before and failed? No problem! Give me and you a chance and 10 minutes time. Losing fat is no witchcraft, if you know how. It is crucial that you work with a good system and integrate it optimally into your everyday life. Let’s get started!

Why the Elliptical is a Good Choice to Lose Weight

If you have a elliptical at home you can count yourself lucky. If not, you can use one at your local gym or buy one yourself. If you train correctly on your home trainer, you can achieve excellent results. But can you only lose weight with a elliptical? No, you can lose weight with any kind of sport. An ergo meter can lead you to your goal in exactly the same way, BUT: One factor is decisive: you have to eliminate excuses! Time problems and bad weather are wonderful ways to cancel today’s training. A home trainer right next to the TV does not allow for excuses.

The elliptical also involves almost the entire body and the training can be individual and strenuous thanks to the resistance settings. So no matter how efficient they are, they can start losing weight immediately.

The 3 Crucial Components to Make the Elliptical Work

If you questioned yourself whether you can lose weight with the elliptical or not, three components are crucial. Training, nutrition and regeneration must be coordinated. They need a training plan according to which they train. The goal is to get better bit by bit during training in order to gradually burn more calories per unit.

Shape Goals - Everything you need to know about

The Basics Matter

Nutrition and recovery depend on each other and are difficult to separate. You will be surprised how uncomplicated nutrition can be. Unfortunately, they hear too many untruths in our society. No carbohydrates after 6 o’clock in the evening and only salad are examples you should NOT follow. I focus on the essential points that make them lose weight. You will wonder how few they really are.

I don’t want to go into the regeneration in detail in this article. Because the right diet and a good training already cover a large part of this topic and I only want to give you the most important information along the way. But make sure you get enough sleep, between 6 and 9 hours every day. Then you have enough power and can lose weight optimally with the elliptical trainer.

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You certainly have better things to do than constantly thinking about losing weight and cooking elaborate meals that don’t even taste good. That’s why we only want to break the topic down to the fundamental things. And do you know what the best thing is? That’s enough.

A negative calorie balance is an absolute must. You have to consume less calories than you burn! You keep the overview with a calorie tracker. I use Cronometer and love it. If you also pay attention to the correct distribution of fat, protein and carbohydrates you already have 85% of the result in your pocket. If you consider these two points alone, you can lose a lot of weight with your elliptical trainer.

In addition, they should still take in enough vitamins and minerals so that they remain healthy during their “diet“. But this is easier than you think. I will give you food recommendations for this during the rest of this article.

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Create a Calorie Deficit

If you want to lose weight with the elliptical trainer, you must be in a calorie deficit. This is an absolute must. If you only take one thing out of this article, it is this one. Please read the following lines carefully. Because from this moment on there is an end to failed diets and hopeless attempts to change something. From now on they have control over how much weight they lose.

The Difference Between Body Fat and Body Weight

Many people stand on the scales and are happy that they have lost weight, for example two pounds. It is not that this is not a success. But the statement is not accurate enough. Basically, you don’t want to lose any body weight. You want to lose fat! And if you have lost a pound, for example, only a certain proportion of it is body fat. The rest is water that the body has stored and releases when they are in a calorie deficit.

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Why Losing Weight is Pure Mathematics

You now know that not every gram you lose with the elliptical trainer has to be body fat. But how do you find out how to get rid of the unpleasant fat pads? Quite simply. Unfortunately, our body is a little behind in its development. In former times people did not have to eat for days. For this reason our organism has stored surplus energy in fat cells. Sort of as a supply for bad times. Today, of course, this process is largely unnecessary.

So that our body attacks the unnecessary fat reserves we have to pretend an “emergency situation”. If we consume less energy in the form of food and drink than we burn through our everyday life, the body has to provide energy reserves. And to provide these, it attacks the fat pads. In order to burn one pound of body fat, we have to save 3500 calories. Remember this number because it is important.

That’s all the magic. One kilogram of body fat corresponds to 7000 kcal. With this knowledge and a clever system you can lose a lot with your elliptical trainer. Provided you stay focused and do something for your success.

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But How Can You Lose Weight on an Elliptical? – What’s the Right Way?

For example, if you want to lose 20 pounds with your elliptical trainer, that’s about 12 pounds of body fat. If you have read carefully, you also know how much calories you have to save. 12 multiplied by 3500 results in 42000 calories. Sounds like a lot at first. But how long do you need for this? That depends very much on how much you want to save per day. If you have a low calorie deficit, it will take longer. Overdoing it will negatively affect your physical and mental(!) performance. Because remember: Our body needs energy for all possible processes!

Find Your Own WayElliptical Training - how to lose weight

It is necessary to find an optimal compromise. This can be very individual and depends on many factors. Gender, age, weight and other factors have to be considered. Because I know that they will otherwise be disappointed, I want to give them a tip so that you can lose weight immediately with your elliptical trainer. Enjoy it with caution and find your own compromise.

A calorie deficit of 400 on average is a good solution. Thus they would need for 20 pounds and in approximately 12 pounds body fat 105 days. That corresponds to only 3.5 months. I’ll repeat it again at this point. You can lose 20 pounds in 3.5 months. For overweight people, the water percentage is even higher. In this case 24 to 30 pounds can be lost at the beginning. And believe me: 20 pounds is a lot. What are you waiting for?

A Healthy and Balanced Diet

Can you lose weight on an elliptical without a balanced diet? That’s a big NO! You now know that you should distribute your macro nutritious In theory, however, you could now eat simple sugars, butter and protein powder every day and still lose weight. That alone tells us that healthy eating does not automatically make you lose weight. Of course we want to avoid that. We are now trying to eliminate “dead calories”, for example in the form of alcohol, in order to give them a good feeling about life.

Rely On Unprocessed Food

unprocessed food

Among the micro nutrients are vitamins and minerals. These are particularly present in unprocessed foods. You should put them in your diet as much as possible. Wholemeal noodles, rice, (sweet) potatoes, fruits and other wholemeal products are suitable sources of carbohydrates. Optimal sources of fat are of vegetable origin such as olive oil. Meat, fish, lentils and dairy products provide a lot of protein. Please pay a little attention to the processing and the source. In addition, I recommend three servings of vegetables per day. These and other foods combined in a balanced diet will give you an incredibly powerful feeling. And that in turn helps if you want to lose weight with the elliptical trainer.

Do Not Abandon Anything

That doesn’t mean, of course, that you can’ t eat sweets and fast food. Nor do you have to constantly rely on the food sources mentioned above. But they should form your foundation. Make sure, however, that you keep your calorie deficit and that it does not occur too often. That is why we count our calories. We can also “sin” without sabotaging our diet. We keep full control. If you follow these dietary tips, you will have your answer to the question if you can lose weight on an elliptical.

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Lose Weight with a Elliptical – Training

You want to lose weight with a elliptical trainer and now know the most important building blocks of nutrition. The key to success is to integrate nutrition, regeneration and training optimally into everyday life. Surround yourself with a system that forces you to succeed. You don’t need any frills. You need discipline and a concept, which you continuously pull through.

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Increase Your Calorie Burning

An intensive workout leads to a higher calorie consumption. This allows you to eat more and/or lose more weight. A workout can increase your calorie consumption by 300 – 600 calories. This makes your plan a lot easier. In addition, our body would sooner or later burn our muscles in a diet if we did not use them. Yes, you have read correctly. Our body can not only burn fat, but also muscles. That is why it is important to stimulate your muscles regularly with a smart training plan.

After a training session our body starts to strengthen our muscles. This takes place during the recovery phase. This not only makes you slimmer when you lose weight with your elliptical trainer, but also more athletic. For women, this phenomenon is particularly evident in the tightening of muscles and skin. Furthermore, they strengthen their cardiovascular system and increase their concentration in other areas of life. Their overall performance and health increases. In short: they become fitter and look better.

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How to Train Properly with an Elliptical

There is not a perfect definition of good training. To tell you now ” you train x times the week in this way and that long ” would not be correct. You should design the training very individually. Adapt your workout to your current performance. And that over and over. You will improve and the training from 2 weeks ago may not be intensive enough. However, I would like to give you some clues that you should keep in mind when planning your training.

Lose Weight on an Elliptical  – The First two Weeks

Start your training very moderately. In the beginning it is only about getting used to the training and learning the movement coordinately. Please don’t overdo it. The aim is to regenerate each unit and to improve slowly but constantly. . Do not forget to listen to your body. How do you feel? If you feel like you are falling off the elliptical trainer, reduce your speed.

Lose Weight on an Elliptical  – Week 3 and 4

If you want to lose weight with the elliptical trainer, it is advisable to do more strenuous sessions after 2 weeks. If you train 3 to 4 times a week, you should alternate more strenuous and less strenuous sessions. So you train often enough the week, but do not destroy your regeneration. Up to this period, 30 to 45 minutes are very well suited as training duration. Of course, you can make your own rules if it’s to hard or easy for you.

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Lose Weight on an Elliptical  – Week 5 and 6

Now begins the real training you need if you want to lose weight with the elliptical trainer. You know your body a little and have a feeling for movement. We can build on this foundation. You always start your future sessions with a small warm-up. 5 minutes of easy warm-up on the elliptical and a little dynamic stretching is a good preparation. Begin to focus on the training during the warm-up.

Also now 3 to 4 units are still very well suited. Also pay attention not to go every training to the extreme. A more relaxed session is not a bad thing. On the contrary. They promote their recovery. Also try a little bit of Interval Training. You alternate strenuous and less strenuous phases and increase your calorie consumption extremely. Through these units you will lose weight even faster with your elliptical trainer. However, due to the high intensity, 20 to 25 minutes are sufficient at the beginning.

Shape Goals - Everything you need to know about

And after that?

You can continue as in weeks 5 and 6. Of course you should make constant progress and go to your limits and beyond. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t make any progress. This is quite normal and should not affect you mentally. If you stay focused and do not skip any training, you will be rewarded. Always keep an eye on your body and pulse. Make the sessions more intense and exhausting. But always pay attention to your recovery and avoid over-training. A healthy middle range is the goal. If you take these training tips to heart and individually adapt to yourself, you will lose weight with the elliptical trainer!

How Can You Lose Weight on an Elliptical – The Key to Success

You now have the necessary knowledge to be able to lose weight with the elliptical trainer. But that alone is not enough. You also have to apply this knowledge. Not tomorrow and certainly not next week. But right now. At this point it will be decided whether you are a winner or not. I have talked the whole article long about the fact that it is no sorcery to lose weight. But that’s only a part of the truth.

The knowledge itself is not further complicated. And when they skillfully integrate what you have learned into your everyday life, it becomes even easier. But unfortunately most people don’t have enough discipline. Their willpower alone will decide whether they lose weight with their elliptical trainer or not. If you give up after one week, your current situation will not change. And that is unfortunately also the fate that blossoms for most people. They will always make new attempts, but in the end they will stay in the same place.

winner or loser?

Who Are You – Winner or Loser?

I would even go so far as to say that of 10 people who read this article, exactly 2 will finally manage to live their dream and let their pounds fall. You have read correctly. Exactly two. If you want to belong to this two people, you have to fight day by day. On some days you have to torture yourself to sports. You will have to say “No!” to alcohol at parties and have to avoid regular fast food. You will go to bed hungry on some days.

But what you get for it is priceless. The feeling of freedom and knowing that you can do anything. You will become a new person. Nothing can stop you. Do you dare to do that? What will it feel like when you say to the doubters in your circle of friends: “Look, I did it!” How will it feel when you get up in the morning, look in the mirror and say: “I have control over my weight, my will and my life!”.

From now on you decide how much you want to lose with your elliptical trainer. What kind of person do you want to be?.. A winner or a loser? I wish you good luck and all the success you deserve.

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