Strength Training: How Much Should I Exercise?

It’s about strength training. How much should I exercise – for maximum muscle building? Training three times a week or even every day?

Both can bring your progress to a standstill: too little training and too much training.

Here is a simple solution.

It is a proven recipe to find the perfect balance between loading and unloading.

These are the topics:

  • How often should you train optimally?
  • Should you train every day – or is that too much?
  • What is the best way to integrate rest days?

We start with the first question.

how much should i exercise

How Often Should I Exercise for Optimal Muscle Building?

Continuity in training is more important than perfection. So far, so clear.

And the training frequency – how often you go to the weights – definitely plays a role.

Here is a rule of thumb that has proven itself not only in practice. It is also supported by a number of scientific studies.

For optimal build-up, you should train each muscle group at least twice a week.

However, this does not mean that you have to train each muscle individually each time. On the contrary:

With multi-joint exercises you often train several muscle groups at once.

Let’s take tight bench press: The focus is on the triceps. But train your chest muscles at the same time. So that’s two for one.

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That means:

You don’t have to train all muscle groups two or three times a week SEPARAT.

But if you want them to grow, you should fatigue them two or three times a week cumulatively.

In this respect, multi-joint fitness exercises are far superior to isolation exercises.

During basic exercises like squats, barbell rowing or shoulder pressing the whole body is under tension.

Therefore a minimalistic 2-split training plan consists exclusively of such exercises.

how much weight training

Here is another possibility to put the training principle into practice:

Monday: Chest, upper back
Tuesday: Legs (focus on the front)
Wednesday:  —
Thursday: Shoulders, biceps, triceps
Friday: —
Saturday:  Back, legs (focus on the back)
Sunday: —

        This 4-split training plan is a good example of how to reach all major muscle groups twice a week.

        In this case you even train the biceps three times a week. This is because it is also required for every pulling exercise on the two back days.

        If “twice a week or more” is optimal, where is the limit? In the next section you will find out when you will probably span the bow.

        Training Every Day – Is That Too Much Exercise?

        I think we can assume with a clear conscience that competitive athletes always try to put maximum strain on their bodies without overloading them.

        Successful Natural Bodybuilders usually train four to five times a week.

        how much should i exercise

        On average. In the off-season there are sometimes only three, before a competition there can be six units. A workout usually lasts 60-75 minutes, sometimes 90 minutes.

        The question is almost obvious: When even professionals have an average of 4-5 training sessions per week on their plans …

        Why should our body be more resilient than that of the professionals?

        Especially since top athletes are not only blessed with good plants, but are also in their prime.

        The fact is: If your training volume is too high, you will step on the spot and the quality of your training will suffer.

        More than five units of correct strength training per week with a training duration of more than 60 minutes rarely make sense from a training method point of view.

        But how much should i exercise? A lot does not always help a lot.

        People who live a really stress-free lifestyle, who always give their bodies a lot of sleep and enough nutrients could get away with it.

        Those who are well trained can only exceed this limit for a limited period of time.

        For example in the weeks before a holiday from 4 to 5-6 units per week. And then you use the vacation for regeneration.

        A training model like the 4-Split Plan sketched above is ideal for this.

        To compress the training for a limited period of time, you would reduce the number of rest days.

        Generally applies:

        Through an intelligent training split you can catch each muscle group twice a week.

        And without overtaxing yourself with the workload within a single workout.

        For most of us this means: Four training sessions per week of 60 minutes of correct strength training each provide a good framework for optimal training success.

        how much should i exercise

        What Is The Best Way to Integrate Rest Days?

        Rest days are days without strength training.

        While you allow yourself to rest, your body uses the time to make you stronger.

        Among other things:

        • your body forms new muscle tissue.
        • it replenishes the empty muscle glycogen stores.
        • it regenerates your nervous system.

        Only if you give your body the opportunity to do so can you build up any muscles at all and use your performance potential in the next workout.

        And there is something else: a healthy immune and hormone system needs rest days.

        Ideally, you should distribute your training sessions evenly throughout the week.

        With four training days per week, for example, this could look like this:

        Monday: TrainingCronometer Nutriontracker
        Tuesday: Training
        Wednesday:  —
        Thursday: Training
        Friday: —
        Saturday: Training
        Sunday: —

        Here’s some good news for those of us with ants in their pants:

        Rest day does not mean that movement is forbidden.

        In this example you can jog, hike or go for a walk on a rest day, depending on your training level.

        The idea of a rest day is to keep your body within its comfort zone.

        How do you make sure that you don’t span the bow during training? A feedback system helps you to do this:

        You can measure your muscle regeneration.

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        How much should i exercise? In order to build muscle optimally, you should stimulate each muscle group at least twice a week through proper strength training.

        You don’t have to train each muscle group separately. With multi-joint exercises you can kill several birds with one stone.

        Depending on your disposition, lifestyle, level of training, nutrition, diet and regeneration, the optimal ratio of load and relief varies individually. You can track your muscle regeneration to determine your “sweet spot” even more easily.

        In many cases 4 training sessions per week are ideal. More than 5 intensive strength training sessions with a training duration of more than 60 minutes per week are usually not useful from a training method point of view.

        And if so, then only for a limited period of time – e.g. before your holiday.

        Question: With what training frequency have you had the best experiences in strength training so far? How often do you train per week? Write a comment.

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