Keto Diet Bad For You

Is the Keto Diet bad for you? Many people ask themselves that but it looks like nobody knows the answer. We’ll solve the mystery right now.

In this Article we will talk about the ‘Keto Diet’ and the question if the keto diet is good or bad for you. Some say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done and others say it’s life-threatening. But what exactly is the Keto diet? How does it work? What advantages does it have and where are the risks? And the main question is the Keto Diet bad for you? All this and even more I will tell you in this blog post.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

The Ketogenic Diet is a nutritional form, where you nearly renounce carbs (bread, noodles etc.). In this diet form the body is needed to get his energy out of the fat depots.

The Ketogenic Diet is  a low carb diet.cooked egg in pan

A total of five percent of the daily food quantity consist out of carbohydrates.

This nutrition form is based of the assumption, that fat doesn’t make you fat, but Carbs do. One of the most popular prestigious of the ketogenic diet is the ‘Atkins-Diet‘.

Mainly you eat fat and protein like eggs. Through the waiver of grain, fruit and vegetables the body has no “fast” energy source. In this way he needs to get his energy, for the brain and the other organs, out of the fat reserves. This process is called Ketose. The ketogenic diet should make your fat go lose, and is also needed in the cancer- and tumor therapy. Its based on the theory, that tumor cells cant utilize fatty acids. With the ketogenic diet they try to “starve out” the tumor.

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This is How the Ketogenic Diet Works

The ketogenic diet uses the mechanisms of the body. When he gets more carbs, as he needs for his energy extraction, he is going to save them as fat. Moreover inhibits the insulin that is used for the fat burning. Through the lack on carbs during the ketogenic diet the body changes his metabolism – he uses more fat depots for energy extraction (Ketose).

To get this condition you just need maximal 30 Gram carbs per day, that’s about 40 gram noodles. For comparison the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that carbohydrates make up 45 to 65 percent of your total daily calories in a normal diet. So, if you get 2,000 calories a day, between 900 and 1,300 calories should be from carbohydrates. That translates to between 225 and 325 grams of carbohydrates a day.

meat with asparagus keto

So the ketogenic diet is very low carb.

In the ketogenic diet you have to eat much protein, in the form of meat and eggs, to prevent muscle reduction. Also the fat supply is getting very high, to signal the body, that he is continuously getting supply’s  and he doesn’t have to save it.

Recommend is a proportion of the energy sources of 70-80% fat, 20-25% protein and 5% or less carbs. There is also a moderate variant of 70% fat, 10% protein and 20% carbs. In this way you get 60% of fat through medium chain fatty acds.

The Advantage of the Ketogenic Diet

lose weight with keto diet

The keto diet was created by Dr. Gianfranco Cappello, an associate professor of surgery at the Sapienza University in Rome, Italy.

He claims great success among thousands of users. In his study, more than 19,000 dieters experienced significant, rapid weight loss, few side effects, and most kept the weight off after a year. According to the reported results, patients lost an average of 10.2 kilograms, or about 22 pounds, after 2.5 cycles of the keto diet

easy fat burn

The high protein content lets you get full faster and the feeling of hunger lasts longer.

Losing weight is unavoidable. Often people tell, that they are feeling better with the ketogenic diet.

There are studies, that prove, that the cholesterol results of people, who making a ketogenic diet, despite of the high fat portion, slightly better is then the average population.

The Risks of a Ketogenic Diet

Critics say the keto-type diets usually work only in the short term and can be unhealthy.

When you start there is a risk that most of the lost weight is water which results in a short hype but in the long run the weight loss takes a little longer than hoped. But that’s how it is with all diets. There is no get fast quick solution.

The ketogenic diet has no exact nutrition plan, but the high portion of fat and protein can make indigestion, fatigue and it can also cause you to vomit at the beginning. In addition, many people who follow a ketogenic diet smell unpleasantly of acetone.

In addition, there is a risk of ketoacidosis, i.e. an overacidification of the blood by ketone bodies. This can be life-threatening! The risk of cardiovascular diseases also increases, as the cholesterol level is usually increased. The fat- and protein-rich diet can also burden the liver and kidneys. The insufficient supply of vitamins and minerals can lead to deficiency symptoms.

3 eggs two with face

Summary: Is The Keto Diet Bad For You?

The ketogenic diet is very strict, because – according to the theory of the followers – even a single “day of sin” interrupts the ketosis and destroys the effectiveness of the diet. However, it is precisely this propagated effectiveness that is scientifically difficult to prove. Reliable statements to the effectiveness are met only very reservedly.

easy fat burn

Many experts see above all the extremely low Vitamin and extremely high fat and protein supply over longer time critical. In addition: Who has a kidney weakness or diabetes, shouldn’t consider the keto diet.But if you like to eat meat, eggs and for example avocados then the keto diet would be a possibility for you “fast” (again: there is no super fast solution but some are faster than others and the keto diet belongs to the faster ones) to lose weight. But you should follow a plan I could for example recommend this one to you .


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