Do you also weigh yourself everyday? Even among fitness coaches this is controversial. But if you do it right, weighing every day can be useful – and give you a boost in weight loss and muscle building.

Mr Maisel

You know that Amazon Prime series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“?

The main character, Midge Maisel, has a pretty odd daily routine:

She measures the circumferences of her stomach, hips, thighs and calves.

And she does this EVERY single day.

If you ask me, I think it’s a bit much.

Sure, if you want to build muscle, you should measure your girths as well.

But not every day, every other week will do. And what about body weight?

If you want to lose fat, then weighing every day can be useful.

The emphasis is on CAN.

weigh yourself everyday

What is a Feedback System?

I personally weigh myself once a week for ages before I measure my body fat percentage.

This is what I recommend to everyone – whether they want to lose fat or build up muscles.

You control what you measure.

The saying is attributed to the economist Peter Drucker (“what gets measured, gets managed”). But the principle can be applied to any kind of change – including physical change.

If you want to achieve goals, you need a feedback system.

In other words, something you can use to determine whether you are getting closer to your goal – or not.

So if you weigh yourself everyday that’s a good thing right? We will see.

If you want to lose fat, you should follow your physique. That means body fat percentage and body weight.

I track both in an Excel spreadsheet. I just prefer it that way. You could also use apps for that.

Modern digital scales like Renpho Body Scale will do the paperwork for you. They log your measurements for you and prepare them graphically for you in the Health app.

This minimizes the time required: Just jump on the scale, done.

But there is another factor – and it could play a serious role for some of us …

weigh yourself everyday

The Wrong and the Right Mindset when you Weigh Yourself Everyday

There are countless people who outsource the control of their feelings to their scales.

If they weigh more than yesterday, their day is over – but if their weight go down, they are in good spirits.

Not a good idea.

Because your body weight is like the weather – very changeable. And that is normal:

Your weight WILL fluctuate from day to day.

If you weigh yourself every day, you will notice fluctuations in both directions. Regardless of whether you lose weight or not. Maybe it’s just a few hundred grams difference from yesterday, or maybe a few kilos.

But you should always have one thing in mind:

A sudden change in weight is almost certainly NOT caused by body fat.

Especially if you weigh yourself everyday.

Your body will not store 1-2 kilos of fat in 48 hours.

Not going to happen!

Neither will you be able to lose 1-2 kilos of fat in one or two days. Sorry!

Here’s a tip:

If your weight drops, don’t be too euphoric.
And even if it increases, stay relaxed.

The larger fluctuations are mostly due to the water balance of your body. Or a high-fiber meal that is on its way through your body.

With these thoughts in mind, weighing every day can be useful.

Because this way you build up a stable habit that you automatically stick to. In addition, you will soon see the daily fluctuations as normal.

weigh yourself everyday

How you put Weighing Every Eay into Practice

Here are a few practical tips for daily weighing:

  1. If possible, weigh yourself at the same time every day.
  2. Record your weight. (If the paperwork is too much for you, use a WLAN scale that does the logging for you).
  3. Note ONLY the LOWEST weight of the week.

It is normal that your body weight fluctuates like the stock market over the course of seven days.

      You compare the lowest value of a week with that of the previous week.

      That’s it.
      Those who are a little out of control on the weekend usually weigh a little more on Mondays – and tend to be a little bit lighter on Fridays.

      In this case, Friday would be a good day to compare. But it does not have to be Friday.

      Every lower value (no matter on which day) compared to the previous week indicates that your weight loss plan is working.

      And one more thing is important.

      In the rarest cases your body weight will drop for several weeks at a time.

      This is also normal. It is not unusual to stop losing weight – especially if you are approaching your target weight.

      The best thing is not to stress yourself too much.

      With the right attitude, weighing regularly feels more like a game.

      Suppose you weighed 80 kilos last Tuesday (I’ll just take my weight for this example, no offense!). Now you try to reach 78.5 kilos next Monday or Tuesday.

      Usually this goal pushes you to do something for it every day.

      Maybe you take the time to plan your meals consciously, eat slower, do your workout or really take 10,000 steps a day.

      And then you realize:

      You are, a 250-gram butter pack slimmer.

      Exactly. 250 grams is a lot. 250 grams that you carry around less on your body.

      On the other hand, you will also remain honest with yourself.

      Anyone can claim to have lost 3 kilos in a few days (women’s magazines like to advertise such diets).

      The problem is that it CAN not be fat. Mostly it is water, fibre or other things – hopefully not muscle.

      Anyone who thinks they can lose a few kilos of fat in 5 days is fooling themselves.

      The advantage is that as soon as you let go of these marketing fairy tales, you also develop a more relaxed relationship to your own body weight. And stay realistic:

      You’ll get a good picture of your progress when you compare the minimum values of the last two weeks.

      This is especially true if you weigh yourself every day for four weeks or more.

      weigh yourself everyday

      Summary – Should you Weigh Yourself Everyday?

      If you want your physique to change, you should measure it. Regularly.

      For this you need two values, which you should monitor – at least once a week:

      • Measure your weight
      • Calculate body fat percentage

      Don’t worry, with some practice the time required is minimal: I need a maximum of 3 minutes per week – including transfer of my measured values to Excel. Back to the initial question:

      Should you weigh yourself everyday? I am of the opinion: Yes.

      And exactly then when you …

      • First: want to lose fat.
      • Two: let go of the idea that body weight equals body fat.
      • Thirdly: Watch out for TRENDS instead of individual values – keyword: minimum weight.

      This mindset is important. After all, you don’t want to stress yourself with it, but rather maintain a PLAYER-like approach.

      If you like it comfortable, you can use a scale that does the logging for you.


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